Plaza 122

 EECRC has partnered with Mercy Corps’ Community Investment Trust to coordinate and co-facilitate a financial education class called Owing to Owning. 

This class promotes financial education and provides the opportunity to invest in commercial real estate for East Portland residents. The Community Investment Trust is a great opportunity for the immigrant community to start investing wisely. 


Community Participation

The EECRC participated in the Community Alliance of Tenants (CAT) annual conferences in 2017 and 2018. Members of the East African recently immigrated and refugee communities learned about their rights and responsibilities as tenants. CAT educates and advocates for lower income and minority communities, educating and empowering tenants to demand same, stable, and affordable homes. 

Community Kitchen

In partnership with the Oregon Food Bank, the EECRC offered a 6-week cooking class. This class taught community members many useful skills, such as building a healthy plate and cooking from provided curriculum.